About Us

Little bit about our Architectural Firm. We specialize in all kind of Architectural Scale Model Making and 3d Visualization. We have a Highly Skilled team members of model makers who all have many years of experience in making of architectural models.

Who We Are

Impel Studio has been providing meaningful Architectural services to our clients for the past many years. We have a passion for Architecture, Design, architectural model making, 2d or 3d Drawings and Visualization. In our early years continued to grow to include prototyping, exhibitions and small scale projects; since then our client list has grown. Impel Studios has continued to grow rapidly, attracting some of the Pakistan’s best companies and we continued to serve clients both locally and internationally with an increasingly diverse range of skills.

What We Do

Impel Studios is a Dynamic and forward looking architectural firm. Our work provide Architectural Model Making and 3d Visualization. With our architectural background and vast experience in architectural services, we can offer you unrivaled experience in this field. We can talk your language, grasp your ideas and generally get to grips with understanding and reproducing even the
most complicated projects.

Mission & Future Goals

Our focus on the future is to supply the best services in architecture industry in the region as well as in the world with our outstanding architectural services solutions that would grow together the firm and our client’s success.

Architectural Firm
Architectural Firm


We looked at the most successful and respected companies in the world and tried to understand what made them great. We found that the word collaboration is the key of their success. It takes collaboration across a team to develop better skills for better results. Our Aim is to provide a high quality service to every single client we have. We can take on any size or type of project without compromising on quality and each job is treated with the same dedication and attention to detail.


Our Architectural Firm to be recognized in the marketplace as a quality driven architectural services business and focused on servicing our Client relationships with both creative ideas and professional project management expertise. At impel studio every member of our Team is dedicated to transforming your visions into reality. Our values reflect our commitment to providing you with a superior architectural service experience. All our effort is Projects will be delivered on time and on budget with an unsurpassed attention to detail. Always convey a passion for the client and consistently deliver the best service experience.

Our 6 Step Process

Firm Profile

01.Initial Meeting

This is where you tell us about your project, your requirements of the model and your vision of the final outcome. If you are unsure, we are happy to advise you. Our experienced team will discuss in detail in order to meet your requirements and to ensure the best possible outcome. Then we will quote based on your requirements.

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We make your project. Sit back and allow our experienced team to show you what we can do. We will use the techniques and processes that best suit your projects.

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Through visual updates, we will keep you updated throughout the project. Why not arrange to come see our office & have a cup of coffee with us? Have a look a progress of your project in person.

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The initial step to start your project, we will need as much information as possible. This includes technical drawings (DWGs) and any visuals or data you may have. The more information you can provide us, the more accurate your project will be.

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04.Quality Check

This ensures that all the projects that we do are high quality, meet high standard and precise. Throughout the whole project, we make sure everything is just right with our quality checks.

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06.Project Delivery

Our team allow us to successfully shepherd each project through to completion fulfill and complete the project with satisfaction that we make sure you are happy with the final result.

Our Awesome Clientele

our experts

Asif Hussain

"A strong individual who takes ownership in every task, Asif Hussain brings the best out of people to secure the success of his projects. ”

Fahad Asif

"Fahad has worked with national and Chinese designers. He is skillful in both the creative and technical aspects of our services.”

Shoaib Asif

"Shoaib is an innovative designer and artist with 15 years professional experience and have a passion to create a high-end designs and visuals.”

Umair Hussain

Umair Hussain

"Umair worked on many projects at a national and international level, Having a vast knowledge of the Graphics Designing and visualization industry.”

Have a project for us?

If you would like to talk to Impel Studios about a project please feel free to get in touch and we'll be happy to discuss it with you.

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